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Years ago, the first thing you might have thought of when someone mentioned the term “sex doll” would likely have been one of the old inflatable models that once were the norm. However, although those certainly had their uses, today’s pleasure seeker is more discriminating. They don’t just want a quick, easy way to get off when they’re horny. Instead, they want an experience they wouldn’t be able to get with just their hand or a prop or two.

That’s where realistic sex dolls come in. Realistic dolls have a lot in common with inflatable dolls as far as how a person would use them. However, the quality of the experience is on an entirely new level most people aren’t quite prepared for. Here’s a closer look at how inflatable dolls and realistic sex dolls stack up against one another, the better to help you decide which is a better fit for you.

Materials and Construction

Most inflatable dolls will be similar to pool toys, blow-up mattresses, and other similar products as far as what their bodies are made of – typically PVC or a similar synthetic material. Then their openings generally are made of silicone, TPE, or another material appropriate for their intended use. Once inflated, their range of motion will be reasonably limited, but that may not matter much to some users.

Realistic sex dolls, on the other hand, can be very elaborate as far as their design. They consist of posable, jointed metal skeletons and hyper-realistic, sculpted flesh made of either medical-grade silicone or body-safe TPE. Their openings are made of similar materials and are designed to look and feel just as realistic – perfect for people who’d like their experience to be as much like the real thing as possible.

Realistic vs Inflatable Dolls

Quality of Experience

If you’re horny and looking for a quick, accessible way to scratch that itch without simply settling for the same old self-service hand job, an inflatable doll will get the job done just fine. Just add a little lube, and the doll’s silicone openings will feel pleasant enough. Of course, it won’t feel quite like the real thing, but an inflatable doll can be an excellent step up from your usual solo sessions, especially if you just need a little help making your fantasies seem more real.

On the other hand, a realistic doll is designed to deliver as lifelike an experience as possible from start to finish. Her skin and hair feel as soft and natural as any human woman’s would. Her buttocks, breasts, and thighs will jiggle in a pleasant, lifelike way that’s sure to please a discriminating pleasure seeker. A realistic sex doll’s orifices are carefully sculpted to be anatomically correct, as well, so being intimate with your doll is about as close as it gets to being with a living woman.

Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance

The realism factor of your experience aside, there are other practical issues to consider when choosing the correct doll for your personal needs. After all, you’ll need to consider how you’ll store your doll in between uses or over extended periods when she just won’t be needed. And, of course, any sexual aid or adult toy needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, both for health reasons and to preserve the item’s integrity.

Inflatable dolls are pretty low maintenance when it comes to the practical side of owning one. Even when inflated, the dolls are incredibly lightweight and easy to move from place to place. And should you need to store yours out of sight for any length of time, all you need to do is deflate it, roll it up or gently fold it, and put it away someplace convenient. Cleaning is similarly simple and can be done with simple soap and water.

A realistic silicone or TPE sex doll, on the other hand, represents more of a commitment. Her metal skeleton and lifelike design mean she’s heavier and not easy to move from place to place. You also need to be very careful what you do with her when you’re not using her regularly. For example, she can’t sit or lie in the same position for too long, or she’ll wrinkle, dent, and crease. In addition, prolonged exposure to certain dyes and substances can stain her, and long-term storage requires specialized cases or hooks to preserve the doll’s integrity.

Cleaning can also be done with soap and water, but you’ll need an irrigator to do a thorough job and keep your doll sanitary. Her skin must also be maintained on an ongoing basis, as well.

So, there’s not much contest between inflatable dolls and realistic sex dolls when it comes to experience. The realistic doll is light years ahead of the old inflatable models regarding how they feel. However, the convenience of an inflatable doll may make them a fine enough fit for simpler pleasure seekers. Which one is your pick?

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