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Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with thinking of your favorite sex toy as a reliable way to have a quick and dirty orgasm when you want one, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you assume that’s all it’s capable of. Sex toys can be the key to getting to know your body on an entirely new level and getting so much more out of your sex life.

If you’ve never really gotten around to putting your go-to rabbit vibe, cock ring, realistic dildo, or other adult toy to the test, it’s time to reconsider. There’s a whole world of pleasure out there just waiting to be experienced. Here are some handy sex toy hacks every adult toy lover should know.

1.      Invest in anal-specific toys for anal play.

Although there are plenty of toys out there that can technically be used to stimulate any part of the body – like classic vibrators or massagers – toys explicitly designed for one part of the body over the others are well worth trying. If you or your partner love anal play, anal toys are a terrific example.

To begin with, anal-specific toys come with built-in safety features that prevent the toy from becoming lost inside your body, which is excellent for one’s peace of mind. They’re also ergonomically designed to work beautifully with the nerve endings in your anal area and your body’s natural structure. The result is profound pleasure you wouldn’t be able to experience any other way.

2.      Buy sex toys with a lock feature for taking on the go.

Let’s face it. When you’re really into your toys and consider them daily essentials, you wouldn’t be caught away from home without yours any sooner than you would your smartphone or keys. However, as nice as having your favorite bullet vibe or rabbit close at hand while you’re out of town on a business trip sounds, the same can’t be said for having it unexpectedly switch itself on during a luggage check at the airport.

That’s precisely why sex toy lock features were invented. Before your next trip, check the toy you want to bring to see if it has a lock feature or airplane mode setting, and learn how to activate it. And if it doesn’t have one, consider picking up one that does. It’s a game-changer when it comes to taking your toys on the go with you.

Sex Toy Hacks

3.      Stash your waterproof sex toys in your shower.

If you’ve been playing with toys long and are lucky enough to own a waterproof toy or two, you already know how well a quick orgasm can elevate a simple morning shower or evening bath. And innovations like whisper-quiet motors make it possible to make your shower time anything you want it to be without anyone being the wiser, even if you have roommates or kids.

But often, you don’t realize you’re in the mood to play with a toy until you’re already halfway through your shower with the water running. If you live alone or with a partner, consider taking the guesswork out of tub time pleasure by keeping one or two of your waterproof toys in the shower. And if you don’t live alone, consider dropping one into a bag of special soaps, candles, and accessories you can take in and out of the bathroom with you when it’s time to bathe – just in case you feel like making things a little special once you get there.

4.      Use an all-purpose vibrator as a massager.

Everyone knows that running joke about those back massagers you see for sale at your favorite department store – that they’re just vibrators for people who don’t want to actually go buy a sex toy or say they own one. And, really, that’s not exactly incorrect. There’s little to no functional difference between a back massager from Sharper Image or Sears and a magic wand from a sex toy shop.

So naturally, if you can use a back massager as a vibrator, then you can also use a magic wand (or another vibrating toy) as a massager. Try using yours to treat yourself or your partner to an indulgent body massage that concludes with a classic happy ending. It’s a game-changer.

5.      Get clever with your storage methods.

Many people simply toss their vibrator into a nightstand drawer or stuff it under their mattress when they’re done playing with it. However, while that’s one way to keep your toy out of sight and conveniently handy, it’s not good for the toy, especially if you store it near other toys.

Some of the cleverer sex toy storage options out there today do an even better job of keeping your toy discreetly hidden while also keeping it safe and close at hand. Think beautiful satin bed pillows with special pockets designed to house a vibrator or hollow books that easily fit into your décor scheme. Your sex life and your toy will thank you for making the switch!

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