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How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Sex Doll

Talk About Your Sex Doll

Although many realistic sex doll owners bought theirs as a satisfying substitute for a human partner, this isn’t the case for everyone. Many people view their dolls the way they would any other adult toy or sexual aid – an excellent addition to an intimate life that also includes one or more sexual connections with […]

Why Are Sex Dolls So Popular These Days?

Popular Sex Dolls

If you’ve ever thought it might be appealing to own your very own sex doll, you’re in excellent company. More people than ever are warming up to the idea of adding various adult toys to their personal pleasure routines. Dolls take the next-level experience you can achieve with a toy like a stroker or a […]

Is a Sex Doll the Right Option for You?

Sex Doll

When many people hear the term “sex doll”, they immediately think of the balloon-like blowup dolls you often see used as props in practical jokes, but dolls have actually come a long way since then. Also sometimes called “companion dolls”, modern sex dolls bring a lot to the table, making them incredibly appealing. However, knowing […]

Importing Sex Dolls into the UK & Europe

Importing Love Dolls Into the UK & EU

Importing Sex Dolls into the UK & Europe In case you haven’t heard, there are rumours flying around concerning problems arising when importing sex dolls into the UK and/or Europe. A number of new customers have previously experienced issues when trying to take delivery of their ultimate love doll. As a thriving business, Mr Sex […]

Sex Dolls: A Brief History

Ancient Sex Doll Sculptures

Sex Dolls: A Brief History As the predominant UK reseller for luxury state-of-the-art, ultra-realism sex dolls and AI fembots, we boast the cheapest reseller prices, and ship all over the world. Due to the on-going advancements in technology, sex dolls have certainly come a long way since their original creation, and are clearly not just […]