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Realistic Sex Dolls vs. Inflatable Dolls: Which Is the Right Fit for You?

Realistic vs Inflatable Dolls

Years ago, the first thing you might have thought of when someone mentioned the term “sex doll” would likely have been one of the old inflatable models that once were the norm. However, although those certainly had their uses, today’s pleasure seeker is more discriminating. They don’t just want a quick, easy way to get […]

Is a Realistic Male Sex Doll Right for You?

Male Sex Doll

What type of mental image comes to mind when you think of a realistic sex doll? Well, if you’re like most current or future doll owners, you picture a life-sized, hyper-realistic mannequin that you can pose however you like and take to bed for a little illicit fun when the mood strikes. But you almost […]

Heating Your Sex Doll: Why You Should Try It and How to Do It Right

Heating Your Sex Doll

If you’re the type of person who craves realism and nuance when it comes to your solo pleasure sessions, then there’s truly nothing like a realistic sex doll. Today’s sex dolls don’t just look real enough to make you do a double-take, either. They feel real, too, with voluptuous parts that really jiggle, anatomically correct […]