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Sex Doll Skincare: How to Keep Your Doll’s Skin Perfectly Beautiful

sex doll skincare

Although there’s a lot to love about your brand new realistic love doll, you’re far from alone if you can’t stop marveling over her skin, especially it’s made of TPE. TPE is nothing short of a manufacturing miracle, as it feels so much like real skin, even requiring sex doll skincare. It’s soft, it’s supple, […]

What Is It Like to Fall in Love with a Sex Doll?

If you’re brand new to realistic love doll ownership or have yet to purchase a doll of your own, the idea of falling in love with a sex doll might seem far-fetched. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there are thousands of people out there who say that’s precisely what’s happened to them. It’s […]

5 Ways Getting a Love Doll Can Help Your Social Life

getting a love doll can help your social life

It’s a common misconception that buying a love doll means giving up on having a social life. Yes, love dolls make a great source of companionship for people who are lonely, shy, or who suffer from social anxiety. But getting a love doll can help your social life too, helping those same people overcome these […]

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