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5 Sexual Fantasies a Realistic Sex Doll Can Help You Scratch Off Your Bucket List

That realistic sex doll you’re thinking of investing in is so much more than just a great way to upgrade your intimate life when you’re in between human girlfriends. She’s actually your ticket to a world where there are no limits on how far you can take things in bed. If you’re like most guys, […]

To What Extent Can You Treat a Realistic Love Doll Like a Real Person?

real person

Spend much time researching a potential first sex doll purchase, and you’re bound to run into a couple of different statements that may seem to contradict one another. On the one hand, you’ll find people and companies alike raving about all the different ways being with a sex doll is nearly exactly like being with […]

Doll Owners in Relationships: What Should You Do with Your Doll Now?

Doll owner relationship

Although people take the plunge into the wonderful world of doll ownership for all sorts of reasons, there are more than a few who do it because they’re tired of the frustrations of traditional dating. They want a convenient (but realistic) way to care for their needs without a present relationship, and a doll fits […]

5 Outside-the-Box Things to Try with Your Sex Doll

Things to Try with Your Sex Doll

When you first take the plunge into the wonderful world of sex doll ownership, it’s not unusual for it to feel as if your world opened up, possibly for the first time. Most buyers expect to like their doll and get some use out of her. But nothing can truly prepare them for all the […]

5 Reasons to Try Using a Sex Doll with Your Partner

Using Sex Dolls With Your Partner

There’s a lot to be said for being in a long-term relationship with the same person, especially sexually. After a while, you really get to know one another. Each of you learns what the other likes well enough to keep them consistently satisfied in the bedroom. And you develop a level of trust that can […]

4 Reasons Women Should Consider Investing in a Sex Doll

4 Reasons Women Should Consider Investing in a Sex Doll

Just as sex toys come attached to as many benefits for men as they do for women, the same goes for realistic sex dolls. It’s a common misconception that love dolls aren’t for women or that only a man could possibly want to own one in the first place. A realistic love doll can potentially […]

Sex Dolls as Learning Tools: How It Works and Why You Should Try It

Sex Dolls as Learning Tools

As any long-time sex doll enthusiast can tell you, there are lots of great reasons to invest in a sex doll, and the fact that a doll is a serious upgrade from old-school masturbation is only one of them. Sex dolls can be terrific as learning tools for someone inexperienced or who would simply like […]