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If you’re the proud owner of a realistic sex doll (or are thinking about becoming one soon), then you don’t need to be told how exceptional they are. Your doll is so much more than just an incredible companion who’s always ready when you are. She’s an absolute work of art, as well as a significant investment in your intimate life.

That said, being a good doll owner involves more than simply enjoying her to the utmost. It’s also essential that you develop a regular care and maintenance routine so that you and your doll will be together for many, many years to come. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your sex doll and protecting your investment.

The Importance of Lubricant

Lubricant is a doll owner’s best friend – something they’ll never want to be without – and you should be using some every time you’re intimate with your doll. This is the case whether you’re enjoying her vaginally, anally, or orally. Using plenty of lube not only makes the sex feel better but helps keep your doll’s delicate skin from tearing.

Always make sure to use toy-safe water-based lubes only when enjoying your doll. Silicone lubes or oil-based options can damage her and cause her skin to lose its integrity long before its time.

Caring for Your Sex Doll


Cleaning and Bathing Your Doll

Your doll’s vaginal, anal, and oral openings should always be thoroughly cleaned after every use. Failing to do so allows harmful bacteria and microorganisms to breed, which is the last thing you want. Use a vaginal irrigator to flush the canal with mild, soapy water until it’s clean. Then rinse with clean water, dry thoroughly, and finish with a dusting of TPE renewal powder.

You should also thoroughly clean your doll’s body at least once every 30 days. You can do this by treating your doll to a gentle sponge bath or by taking her into the tub or shower. Just be careful not to let her head or neck area become submerged underwater. Bathe her body using mild antibacterial soap and water. Gently cleanse her face with a damp cloth and some gentle TPE-safe cleanser. Wash her wig separately using mild shampoo and conditioner before letting it dry naturally on a wig stand.

Once your doll is clean, pat her gently dry with a soft, water-absorbent towel. Then treat her beautiful skin to a thorough dusting with some renewal powder. This will help her skin stay smooth, velvety, and irresistible over time, just like you like it. In fact, a light dusting of the powder is recommended any time your doll’s skin begins to feel tacky to the touch.

Caring for Your Doll’s Framework

Your doll’s incredible ability to move, bend, and retain poses the way she does is thanks to a detailed metal framework skeleton. Some of her joints are fixed while others are moveable, but all of them require some basic consideration. Keep this in mind while using, posing, or storing your doll.

Take care when moving your doll from place to place. She’s likely quite heavy and potentially cumbersome, so be careful not to drop her or bang her against any unforgiving surfaces. You’ll also want to be especially careful of your doll’s fingers and wrists. Her wrists can support her own weight, but probably not yours as well, so keep this in mind when interacting with her. Her fingers are especially delicate and can’t bear weight at all, so treat them with care.

Caring for Your Doll’s Skin

Avoid leaving your doll with her legs spread, raised, or contorted in any way. While her metal skeleton can handle this, her delicate TPE skin can’t withstand that kind of tension for an extended period. Failure to put her back in a stress-neutral position after use may find you returning to her later only to find her skin has split and now requires repair.

You’ll also want to be mindful of leaving your doll lying or sitting on any surface for extended periods. Her skin is soft, pliable, and can develop creases or flat spots if left in the same place or position for too long. If you are leaving your doll alone for multiple days at a time, make sure to store her properly using a closet bar suspension kit, so she’s as lovely when you return as she was when you left.

Over time, you may notice that the subtle coloring of your doll’s labia, lips, cheeks, and nipples fades or wears off. That’s because it’s semi-permanent makeup. You can reapply it or refresh it anytime using a simple matte eyeshadow kit of your choice, so be sure to keep some options you like on hand.

The more diligent and responsible you are about caring for your sex doll, the longer she’ll stay as beautiful and irresistible as she is right now.

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