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Although it would certainly be nice if a really great sex doll you’re super into could last forever, that’s just not reality. As is the case with any of your sex toys, you’ll eventually need to replace your sex doll, even high-quality ones that are impeccably cared for. But while it can be tough to part with a doll you were really attached to, keep in mind that upgrading has its benefits, as well.

Shopping for a new sex doll as someone who’s actually owned and used one before is a lot easier than shopping as a complete novice. You know what you’re getting into this time, and it will be a lot easier to anticipate your needs. Here’s a checklist of things to consider before and during the shopping process.

1.     What to Do with Your Old Doll

Before you replace your sex doll, it’s a good idea to consider what you’ll do with the one you already own. If you’ll be keeping her around as a backup, make sure you have enough storage options and space to accommodate both dolls.

And if you’ll be parting ways, make sure you’re disposing of your unwanted doll in a responsible way. Disassembling the doll and stuffing it into your outgoing trash might cause issues with neighbors if anyone sees it and isn’t necessarily the best bet for your privacy. Instead, consider selling your doll to someone who’d like to refurbish her instead or arrange to have her shipped to a recycling center.

2.     Your Likes and Dislikes

First-time doll buyers can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer array of choices available to them, such as porn star sex dolls. However, since they don’t really know their preferences from experience yet, they tend to err on the side of caution and go for something fairly basic.

But now that you’ve owned at least one doll before, you have the advantage of knowing what you liked and disliked about the experience. What do you want your next doll to be like? Should she be lighter, more realistic, or come with more different features? Would you rather your next doll be made of TPE instead of silicone? Now is the time to upgrade your next experience, so it’s even better than the last one was.

3.     Your Budget and Financial Options

Of course, money will always be a concern when investing in something like a realistic love doll, as most don’t come cheap. But you should think of your dolls along the same lines you probably do your car, computer, or smartphone. Items like these are significant parts of how a person manages their life, so people make room for them in their budgets.

That said, this is a great time to consider your options as to how you’ll pay to replace your sex doll. Most people don’t pay for their cars or major tech items entirely out of pocket the day they buy them. Instead, they look into financing options from the vendor or manufacturer, and those options are definitely available for sex dolls, as well, so keep them in mind as you shop and consider prices.

4.     Ease of Use

One thing many sex doll owners aren’t quite prepared for is the level of maintenance the dolls require, especially considering how heavy they actually are. That said, while all sex dolls need to be cleaned thoroughly after every use (and cared for in general), some are lower maintenance than others.

Do you have trouble managing your doll’s body during the post-play cleanup process? Consider purchasing a doll with removable openings to make the process a little easier. Are full-sized dolls really too heavy for you to pick up and carry around due to health issues or other reasons? Look into getting a mini-doll that’s less heavy and cumbersome overall.

5.     Customization Options

If you’re 100 percent positive you know exactly what you want your next love doll to be like, you may want to look into having it customized. Customization lets you dictate as many details about how your doll looks and functions as you want. For example, if you’re all about redheads with sporty builds, brown eyes, and freckles, all you have to do is ask.

You can also customize the more practical aspects of your doll. If you’d love a doll that’s self-warming, comes complete with motorized suction-equipped openings, or features innovative AI features, you can have that. You can have dolls designed to look exactly like real people, too. It’s well worth checking out the possibilities offered by your doll vendor of choice.

At the end of the day, it’s never easy to replace a doll that’s simply too old to be functional anymore. But upgrading to a love doll experience that’s an even better fit for you can take the edge off for sure.

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