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What to Look for in an Online Sex Doll Vendor

online sex doll vendor

When it comes to the practicalities of buying a sex doll from an online sex doll vendor and ensuring an intelligent purchase, so much emphasis is placed on choosing a doll you’ll be happy with. However, while that’s definitely important, figuring out what brand to go with and what type of doll you want is […]

Is a Sex Doll a Good Option for a Virgin?


When you’ve yet to have sex with another person, it’s only natural to wonder (what), if anything, you should be doing to facilitate things. Of course, if you’re like most, you have an active solo sex life. But how much should you invest in self-pleasure when you still haven’t properly had sex with someone else […]

Importing Sex Dolls into the UK & Europe

Importing Love Dolls Into the UK & EU

Importing Sex Dolls into the UK & Europe In case you haven’t heard, there are rumours flying around concerning problems arising when importing sex dolls into the UK and/or Europe. A number of new customers have previously experienced issues when trying to take delivery of their ultimate love doll. As a thriving business, Mr Sex […]

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