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Although there’s a lot to love about your brand new realistic love doll, you’re far from alone if you can’t stop marveling over her skin, especially it’s made of TPE. TPE is nothing short of a manufacturing miracle, as it feels so much like real skin, even requiring sex doll skincare. It’s soft, it’s supple, and the fleshy areas even jiggle just like the real thing.

But there’s one way TPE isn’t like real skin. It can definitely be damaged, so keeping it looking and feeling fantastic requires know-how and maintenance. Here’s a look at what you need to know to prevent damage, stop staining, and preserve quality.

Choose clothing carefully

Stains caused by clothing dyes are among the most common mishaps that can happen to a doll’s realistic skin, and both silicone and TPE are prone to them. And unlike with real skin, you can’t simply scrub the stain away, so it’s better to prevent it in the first place.

Dye-heavy clothing and dark colors are more likely to do this than lighter options, so be very careful when dressing your doll in certain colors or outfits. Alternatively, you can use older clothes that have been washed enough times that the dyes are no longer bleed-prone. Generally, the idea here is to be aware that this happens so you can take precautions. This is an essential part of sex doll skincare.

Clean your doll religiously

You probably already know that cleanliness is very important when it comes to any sex toy, a realistic sex doll included. However, it’s important to understand that those recommended cleanings after every single use are more than just a good idea. They’re an essential part of keeping your doll hygienic and in good condition.

Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time before your doll winds up staining, developing odors and mold, or beginning to deteriorate in quality. So always wash your doll after every play session with doll-safe soap and warm water. Make sure you also dry her thoroughly before using her again or putting her away.

Store your doll correctly

Sex dolls are just like any other important item of value in that it matters how you store them. Choose a place to store your doll that’s as cool, dark, and dry as possible to avoid potential damage from prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, or moisture. You should also gently drape a clean cotton sheet or other cover over her to keep her from accumulating dust.

And if you’re planning on going away or otherwise not using your doll for a long while, you’ll need a proper long-term storage solution. For that, you should invest in an actual storage case for your doll or a specially-made doll hook that lets you safely store her in your closet, so as to ensure proper sex doll skincare.

Be careful when posing your doll

Although realistic love dolls are high-quality items that are designed to be relatively durable, they’re not indestructible. Avoid twisting, bending, or forcing your doll into unnatural positions or placing too much weight on delicate parts of her anatomy (like fingers). Don’t leave her in difficult poses for long periods of time, either.

All of this can be really hard on your doll’s soft, supple skin. Eventually, it can develop odd folds, wrinkles, or even tears because of sustained pressure over a hard skeleton underneath. Avoid this by placing your doll back in a comfortable, low-stress position before walking away from her after a play session.

Address stains and damage right away

Sometimes sex dolls wind up with stains or odd marks on their skins despite a doll owner’s best efforts to prevent them, so preparedness is key. Take action as soon as you notice the stain by gently blotting the area with a clean cotton cloth and warm, soapy water. You may want to invest in some specialized stain remover designed specifically for sex dolls and adult toys, as well.

You should also get in the habit of inspecting your doll from head to toe on a regular basis to look for other types of damage. If you do find any tears, rips, or damaged areas, have them fixed as soon as possible by a doll repair specialist in sex doll skincare so that they don’t have a chance to get worse.

Take action against moisture

Moisture and realistic love dolls don’t go well together, so it’s important to preserve your doll’s skin by keeping it as dry as possible. Dry her thoroughly after each wash by either patting her dry with clean, dry, lint-free towels or allowing her to air dry. Never use a blow-dryer or similar method.

And if your doll’s skin is made of TPE, be sure to dust her skin with finishing powder on a regular basis. This helps keep the oils in the TPE from sitting too near the surface of the doll’s skin, which would raise the likelihood of stains developing, so keep this powder on hand. You’ll be glad you did!

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