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Although the world of sex dolls is still something of a mystery to those who have yet to explore it firsthand (especially when it comes to people truly loving their sex doll), the average person today probably understands a lot more than they would have in years past. For example, they know realistic love dolls have come a long way since the old, cartoon-like inflatable options they might have seen in movies or at bachelor parties.

And thanks to well-made movies like Lars and the Real Girl and television shows like Made for Love, they may also realize that some doll owners become attached enough to their dolls to see them as more than just sexual outlets. Many actually come to see their dolls as genuine companions. Some even say they’ve fallen madly, deeply, and truly in love with their dolls.

But is this really possible? If it is, how and why does it happen? And perhaps most importantly, is this something that could happen to you if you decide to find out what all the fuss is about and buy a doll of your own?

Is It Possible to Fall in Love with a Doll?

People who are confused by the idea of someone falling in love with a realistic silicone love doll generally feel the way they do because they don’t truly understand how love works. They take it for granted that the target of that love needs to be a living human being, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

All that’s really necessary to trigger very real feelings of human love is a connection, and there are lots of ways that could happen. Many doll owners develop genuine connections to their love dolls as they spend more and more time with them, and it’s more than possible for a form of love to grow out of that.

What Triggers Love for Sex Doll Owners?

So how exactly does love develop between a doll owner and the doll that brings them so much happiness? Of course, everyone is different, so naturally, no two sex doll relationships will be the same, but most start in one or more of the following ways.

Physical Connection

Many people can point to at least one important relationship in their past that started as a powerful sexual or physical attraction and blossomed into something deeper later on. That’s because there is (and has always been) a powerful connection between sex and love, so it’s not uncommon for one to trigger the other.

Most doll owners purchase dolls in the first place for their value as high-end sexual outlets. However, they’re often pleasantly surprised by how real and deep the experience of being with their doll can be. Before they know it, simple sexual gratification deepens into genuine lovemaking, just as it can with a real person.

falling in love with doll

Emotional Connection

Before a person actually buys a doll and spends a good bit of time with her, it’s hard for them to imagine feeling genuinely emotionally connected. Sure, they’ve heard of doll owners who sit and watch television with their dolls, take them on dates, and even engage in deep, personal conversations with them. But they just can’t picture treating a realistic love doll like a real person themselves.

Or at least that’s the case before they try it. Once they do try it, they soon see just how easy it is to find emotional fulfillment by engaging with their dolls in the same ways they might with another living person. From there, it’s not too hard for genuine feelings of deep love to develop.

Comfort in Your Own Skin

Loving someone is really only partly about who they are and the things that they do. It’s also about how they make you feel about yourself. That said, have you ever fallen in love with someone because they made you feel completely comfortable being your authentic self?

Love happens when someone makes a person feel seen, heard, loved, and accepted. And those are definitely things that can happen when you develop a relationship with a realistic love doll.

Can Anyone Fall in Love with Their Doll?

Every person is different regarding their sexual and emotional needs, as well as their various reasons for buying a sex doll in the first place. That said, no two people will have precisely the same experience as doll owners.

But as far as what’s possible? Yes, at least the potential for love exists in every relationship between a doll owner and their doll. So can it happen to you? The answer to that question depends entirely on how deeply you allow yourself to experience that connection between yourself and your new companion.

There’s no one right way to explore that connection, so play things by ear and let your relationship develop naturally. You just might be surprised by where your journey takes you next.

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