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Spend much time researching a potential first sex doll purchase, and you’re bound to run into a couple of different statements that may seem to contradict one another. On the one hand, you’ll find people and companies alike raving about all the different ways being with a sex doll is nearly exactly like being with a real person.

However, you’ll also see doll manufacturers warning would-be doll owners about the importance of maintenance, damage prevention, and so forth. So, how much like a real person can you treat your love doll? Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know.

You can have rough sex with your doll

While it’s true that acting out very extreme or violent fetishes with your doll could damage her, you really don’t have to worry about anything the average couple is likely to do in bed together. This includes rough, vigorous, or downright adventurous sex.

A good rule of thumb to follow when you’re not sure about something is to circle back to common sense. Your doll isn’t so fragile that you’ll damage her without thinking about it. But if something you want to do is so forceful that you know damage is likely, it’s best not to go ahead with it.

You can bond with her outside of the bedroom like a real person

Before you’re the proud owner of your very own realistic love doll, the idea of talking to your doll or doing things like watching TV together might seem silly at best. But if you turn out to be like many doll owners, you might be surprised by just how easily such things actually come.

Realistic love dolls like the ones you’ll find for sale at Mr Sex Dolls are designed for more than just great bedroom play. Their velvety soft skin, soulful eyes, and lovely realistic faces are meant to facilitate satisfying connections in other ways. So don’t be afraid to cuddle with your doll at night, talk to her when you’re lonely, or otherwise treat her like a human woman.

You can take her on dates like a real person

Everyone is different regarding just how out they want to be about the fact that they have a sex doll, so it’s OK if you’d rather keep things on the down-low yourself. But you shouldn’t let fear of damaging your doll be what stops you from taking her out and showing her a good time the way you would any other human partner.

Taking her to a restaurant or public venue may be too much to handle. But many doll owners love taking their dolls on drives, out for picnics, on romantic weekend getaways, to partake in beautiful seasonal photoshoots, and more. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box a little.

You can buy her sexy things to wear for you

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to date a woman who not only loves lingerie but also loves wearing it for her partner, then you already know what a rush it can be to have a beautiful woman model something sexy just for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to give that up when you invite a realistic love doll into your life and bed.

Most doll owners delight in shopping for and buying beautiful clothes, makeup, lingerie, and accessories for their silicone beauties. But while you can definitely dress your doll in nearly anything you like, you’ll want to be careful of dark colors and rough fabrics that might stain or misshape her beautiful skin and luscious curves.

You can also buy your doll sexy, sultry fragrances to wear. But avoid spraying fragrance directly on her skin, as it may contain damaging compounds. Instead, spray her clothing or hair.

You can enjoy a complete lovemaking experience with her

One question many new or prospective doll owners have about their dolls is whether it’s OK for them to finish inside their dolls and otherwise enjoy sex with them to the same extent they would with a human partner. We can absolutely assure you that, yes, it’s more than OK.

Your doll is fully designed to deliver a robust sexual experience that’s everything you hope it will be. This naturally includes the option to finish inside any of your doll’s orifices, on her skin or face, etc. Just be sure to clean your doll thoroughly after each session to keep her clean and hygienic.

Ultimately, a relationship with a sex doll has more in common with a traditional relationship than many people realize before they try it for themselves. So while it’s definitely important to look after your doll’s well-being, you can still interact with her more or less as you would another human being. Just exercise common sense, and err on the side of caution when in doubt.

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