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What type of mental image comes to mind when you think of a realistic sex doll? Well, if you’re like most current or future doll owners, you picture a life-sized, hyper-realistic mannequin that you can pose however you like and take to bed for a little illicit fun when the mood strikes. But you almost certainly picture something female as far as how it looks, functions, and is designed to be enjoyed. That’s about to change.

Although male sex dolls haven’t always been a big thing in the industry, they are out there. They’re also becoming increasingly popular as people of every gender and sexual orientation grow more comfortable experimenting with options like adult toys and sex dolls. But what are male sex dolls all about, and is it time you gave one a try for yourself?

Sex dolls aren’t just for straight men.

They’re for everyone who wants or needs a more realistic experience than they’d likely get with a vibrator, dildo, Fleshlight, or other sex toy. Dolls provide more than a safe, available outlet for one’s excess sexual energy. They can also provide companionship, entertainment, and so much more. You don’t need to be straight and male to need these things or benefit from having them.

Women can (and do) enjoy the advantages that come with owning a sex doll, and many of them are sexually attracted to men. The same goes for gay and bisexual men, so it makes sense that male dolls are becoming more common and popular. So, if you ever crave the unique brand of sexiness a man brings to the table, a male sex doll just might be something to consider for yourself at some point.

Male dolls can feel just as natural as female dolls.

If you’ve ever owned and used a female sex doll, then you don’t need to be told that they can take your breath away with how utterly realistic such dolls can look and feel. Think soft, supple skin that looks, feels, and jiggles just like the real thing, and openings that are painstakingly modeled after real women.

Now imagine a male doll that brings the same level of magical realness to the table. Imagine a physique that’s designed with your exact aesthetic preferences in mind, a rock-hard penis that never runs out of stamina, and realistic openings that round things out to perfection. In other words, if you enjoy men – either exclusively or occasionally – a male sex doll could easily be what your sex life’s been missing.

Male Sex Doll

Explore all your wildest fantasies.

You don’t necessarily need to be attracted to men, as a rule, to be a little curious about what it might be like to go to bed with one. Many people who typically prefer women occasionally wonder what it would be like to try something different. However, they’re not sure how to approach the idea of exploring things further.

Some people are apprehensive about involving a real person just for experimentation shake, while others simply aren’t sure how to approach the idea of trying a man on. It’s normal and natural for many people to question their sexuality and explore different avenues as they get older and come to know themselves better.

Just as female sex dolls can be terrific ways to experiment, explore fetishes you may be shy about sharing with others, and just plain learn more about what you’re into sexually, male dolls can be the same. You can use your male doll to explore the idea of having sex with a man without having to involve another person. You can keep him on hand for those nights you’re in the mood for a bit of variety. The sky’s the limit!

Add another dimension to your sexual repertoire.

And, of course, sex dolls aren’t just for singles, either. More couples find they enjoy adding the dolls to the sex they already enjoy together. For instance, dolls make perfect hassle-free unicorns for couples interested in threesomes but not so keen on the potential pitfalls of inviting a third person into their bed. They’re also fantastic for making up the difference in relationships where one partner’s sex drive is much higher than the others.

Adding male sex dolls to your list of possible things to try together gives you even more territory to explore. If one or both of you are into men, the benefits are obvious. But you might be surprised at how satisfying it can be to explore your sexuality and challenge your boundaries regardless, especially if all that’s held you back in the past was a lack of desire to involve additional people.

Ultimately, your sex life is what you make it, and dolls bring so much to the table. And with male dolls in the mix, as well, the possibilities are truly endless!

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