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If you’re the type of person who craves realism and nuance when it comes to your solo pleasure sessions, then there’s truly nothing like a realistic sex doll. Today’s sex dolls don’t just look real enough to make you do a double-take, either. They feel real, too, with voluptuous parts that really jiggle, anatomically correct orifices, and skin soft enough to rival any human woman’s.

However, the doll industry is always coming up with new, increasingly inviting ways to make their creations even more deliciously lifelike. Raising a doll’s temperature to feel more natural is a big one, but many doll owners completely overlook it. Here’s a closer look at why you don’t want to be one of them, as well as a few pointers for warming your doll correctly and safely.

Why You Should Heat Your Sex Doll

Natural body heat is a detail you tend to take for granted when you’re lying in bed next to a human partner. There’s really nothing quite like running your hands over a warm, inviting body before sex, and the same goes for snuggling up next to one afterward. Unfortunately, however, the silicone and TPE most sex dolls are made of don’t precisely deliver that quality.

Of course, your doll will eventually warm up on her own if you cuddle her long enough, thanks to your own body heat. But having her warm and ready to go right from the start of your play sessions makes such a huge difference, and you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Not only does it make intimacy feel more realistic and satisfying, but it makes your doll a much more comforting cuddling companion.

Heating Your Sex Doll

Heating Solutions You Can Buy

If you like the idea of enjoying a nice, warm doll without the hassle of heating her yourself, then you’ll want to take a look at some of the store-bought heating solutions out there. So, here’s a closer look at what your options are.

Built-In Heaters

If you’re either shopping around for your first doll or are in the market for a new one, it may be worth considering one with a built-in body heater. Yes, going that route will be pricier than the alternatives, but many doll owners consider the convenience and efficiency to be worth every penny.

If you do decide to buy a doll with a built-in heater, she’ll come complete with a wire that you’ll plug into a wall outlet when you’re ready to activate that function. In addition, a user-friendly monitor will monitor her temperature and tell you when it’s time to unplug her. Makes sure you do this promptly to avoid damaging the doll or her wiring.

Internal Warming Rods

If you’re more concerned with the internal temperature of your doll’s openings than you are the temperature of her entire body, an internal warming rod is a terrific solution. It’s cost-effective, it’s efficient without being complicated, and it’s popular. Many toy lovers also use warming rods to heat Fleshlights and similar toys.

Just be sure to consider the material your doll is made of before you choose a warmer to ensure compatibility. Silicone is generally more resistant to heat, but TPE can easily lose its integrity if exposed to temperatures that are too high. When in doubt, consult your doll dealer for advice and recommendations.

Electric Blankets

Heating blankets are more than just handy to have around when you’re going through a cold winter. They make terrific doll warmers in a pinch, as well. But again, make sure you consider the material of your doll when using a blanket to warm her up.

For best results, keep your blanket set to the lowest setting to avoid damaging the doll, especially if she’s made of TPE. Silicone may take longer to warm than TPE, but again – it’s more durable, as well as capable of retaining heat for a longer time.

Home Warming Solutions to Try

Naturally, a store-bought solution – especially one that’s custom-created with your exact type of doll in mind – will be the best bet for warming her safely and effectively. But there are simple, safe DIY solutions you can try out, as well.

One of the best is to treat your doll to a nice, warm bath. (You should honestly be bathing your doll regularly, anyway.) Not only is it a great and very effective way to gently warm your doll, but taking a bath with her can be an enjoyable bonding experience. Just take care that the water isn’t too hot.

You can also cover your doll in warm towels, sheets, or blankets fresh from the dryer. You’ll get the job done. Plus, it’s an excellent way to make laundry day feel a little more worthwhile. Give it a try for yourself and see!

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