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If you’ve been thinking about investing in a realistic sex doll lately, you’re in excellent company. More people than you may think find that a doll is precisely what their sex life has been missing, and the number of dedicated doll lovers out there is growing all the time.

However, a sex doll still represents a financial investment, so naturally, you want to make a choice you’ll be happy with for many years to come. Here are some things to consider throughout the shopping process to ensure exactly that.

Decide on a budget first.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming a sex doll is nothing more than an upgraded pocket pussy or similar toy. Realistic sex dolls aren’t the type of thing you can simply toss in a drawer and forget about until the next time you feel the urge to interact with it. Instead, they require care and maintenance, so they’re a commitment.

And yes, most dolls do represent a decent-sized financial investment, too, so it’s best to have some idea how much you’re willing to spend before you begin the shopping process. Some beginner doll owners prefer to start small with a mini-doll or perhaps a realistic torso. But others crave the whole wonderful experience that comes with a top-of-the-line real doll and are willing to pay for it.

Keep in mind that many top doll emporiums do offer payment plans and other solutions for covering the cost of a doll – one route that might make upgrading to a full-sized doll a little more manageable if that’s what you really want.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Weigh the pros and cons of silicone versus TPE.

Although most realistic sex dolls today are made of high-quality, fabulously natural materials, most are made of either silicone or TPE. The right choice for you depends entirely on your needs and preferences.


Silicone dolls definitely have that soft, realistic feeling that pleasure-seekers crave. Silicone is also famous for being reasonably low-maintenance as materials go. For instance, it’s heat-resistant, so you can safely use a warmer to help your doll feel even more realistic when it’s time to be intimate.

It’s also stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. Silicone dolls allow for lots of fine detail when it comes to their vaginal and anal openings, as well. However, silicone also tends to be more expensive.


When you hear about sex dolls that look and feel almost eerily realistic, they’re almost always made of TPE. TPE skin can be incredibly soft to the touch. In fact, TPE dolls even have breasts and booties that jiggle, just like the real thing. And since TPE tends to be more flexible and pliable than silicone, you’ll be able to pose your doll in lots of different positions.

However, while TPE is more cost-effective than silicone, it’s also more high-maintenance. It’s pretty prone to staining, so you’ll need to be careful about letting your doll’s skin spend too much time in contact with certain fabrics and materials. You will also need to commit to regular oil treatments to keep the TPE properly saturated, as well as keep baby powder or corn starch on hand to prevent it from becoming tacky.

Weigh your orifice options.

Again, sex dolls are a commitment, and even the lower-maintenance silicone ones require upkeep. You must keep your doll clean and sanitary, particularly within her orifices. Dolls need to be cleaned thoroughly after every use to keep them hygienic and preserve their integrity. However, you have a couple of options to consider in that regard.

Some dolls come with fully integrated orifices, which have a certain appeal. However, you’ll need to be willing to thoroughly rinse out the insides of your doll with a bulb syringe each time you’re intimate. There are also dolls that come with pop-out orifices to simplify the clean-up process a bit. The best choice is ultimately a matter of preference.

Carefully consider your doll’s appearance.

One of the most beautiful things about buying a sex doll is it’s a golden opportunity to make all of your wildest fantasies come true. Whatever your ultimate dream girl looks like – curvy or slim, blonde or brunette, fair or dusky-skinned – this is your chance to have her next to you in your bed night after night. It’s even possible to have a doll custom-made to resemble a celebrity, favorite porn star, former lover, etc.

There truly is a wealth of options out there these days, so take your time and shop around until you settle on a look that really gets you going. Like many doll owners, you may find that your doll becomes so much more to you than just a way to get off when you’re in the mood. She’s also a companion that neatly fills a void in a person’s life, so choose carefully.

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