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When you first take the plunge into the wonderful world of sex doll ownership, it’s not unusual for it to feel as if your world opened up, possibly for the first time. Most buyers expect to like their doll and get some use out of her. But nothing can truly prepare them for all the different ways she fills a void they may not even have known was there.

But sooner or later, everyone gets used to having their doll around and is ready to take the next step toward deepening their relationship with her. Here are some fun things to try with your sex doll the next time you’re up for a little something new.

1.      Explore a fetish you’re curious about

Everyone has at least one secret fetish they like to think about from time to time. Some would love a chance to try it on for size with a partner sometime, while others just like to fantasize about it. Chances are you’re no different. So, what’s your fetish?

Most people – especially those with extreme or unusual fetishes – never actually get the opportunity to fully explore theirs. But that’s no longer the case for someone once they own a sex doll. A doll is a willing, eager partner to explore just about anything you like with – including pretty much any fetish you could possibly have. Consider the possibilities.

2.      Play dress-up

If you’re like most men, you’ve always loved the idea of having a partner ask you to dress her up in whatever you’d like to see her in. But whether you’ve had a partner who was up for that is debatable. Sure, many women want to look good for their partners and be admired by them. But most also have their own ideas about how that ought to go down.

With a realistic sex doll in your life, that’s no longer something you need to worry about. She’s always ready, willing, and happy to wear whatever you’d like to see her in – anything from sexy black lingerie complete with garters and stockings to a naughty schoolgirl outfit. And she’ll look absolutely perfect in it.

3.      Have a movie marathon together

Sooner or later, most doll owners realize that their dolls are good for more than just sex. They make lovely, comforting companions, as well. You may already be aware of this if you’ve ever decided to spend the night cuddled up next to your doll instead of drifting off to sleep alone after you’ve had your fun.

You just might enjoy doing other things with your doll, as well. A movie marathon is a great example. How nice would it be to pop some popcorn and snuggle up under a blanket together before partaking in a marathon of your favorite films? As with sex, you have a guarantee that your doll won’t argue with you about your selection. She’s as into the idea of a horror movie marathon or an all-night viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy as you are.

4.      Indulge in some bedroom practice

It’s a common misconception that men who own and enjoy making love to sex dolls don’t have or want a sex life that involves human women. Not only is this not true, but a sex doll makes a better addition to a traditional sex life that involves real, live women than most would think.

More specifically, they’re incredible ways for a man to practice and become better at all sorts of techniques. Yes, this includes various positions and sex acts, but there’s no need to stop there unless you want to. You can also turn to your sex doll to practice things like dirty talk, making eye contact in bed, and more.

5.      Stage a steamy photoshoot

Every guy loves the idea of a partner agreeing to pose for him while he takes naughty, sexy photos of her. The same goes for having a partner agree to make a sex tape with him for their own private viewing pleasure. But liking the idea of doing those things and finding a woman who’s just as excited about them are two different matters.

Or at least that might have been the case before you got a love doll. So why not find out firsthand just how fun a steamy photoshoot or homemade porn shoot can really be? Your doll is always on board with whatever you want to do, as she’s there to please you endlessly.

Of course, these are just a few ways to take an existing relationship with a realistic love doll to another level, but they’re a great place to start. Don’t hesitate to use your imagination and come up with as many others as your dirty mind can handle.

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