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If you’re the proud owner of your very own sex doll, then you already know all about the benefits. A doll lets you enjoy so many of the perks you’d get from a traditional relationship with a human partner, but without any of the drawbacks. Of course, mind-blowing sex, whenever and however you want it, is among the most important ones.

However, there comes a day in every doll owner’s life when they’d like to know how to take things even further and make the sex even better. Here are a few suggestions to get you started in the right direction, whether you’re a long-time doll owner or a newbie just getting started.

Finetune the look of your doll.

Sex doll ownership gives pleasure seekers the unique opportunity to have a relationship with the person of their dreams, as your doll exists solely to please you and make you happy. She won’t be hurt or offended if you’d like her to change her hair or want her to wear a specific type of lingerie to bed. She’s there to help you realize your deepest, most fervent fantasies in every way, including how she looks.

Take advantage of this by investing in a few sexy outfits you’d really like to see your doll wearing. Some doll owners want variety and build a collection of different looks for their doll, from classy and demure to total sex kitten. And don’t be afraid to take things a step further by purchasing makeup kits, wigs, perfume, or accessories to change things up when you’re in the mood. As with a human girlfriend, it’s often the little details that make the experience.

Sex Doll

Turn up the dial on the romance factor.

Naturally, you invested in an option that looks as much like a real person as your doll does for a reason. Your doll is more than just one of the highest quality adult pleasure aids money can buy. She’s an incredible tool for helping your imagination run completely wild. The more you get into that particular aspect of doll ownership, the more mind-blowing the sex will become.

Try building up to sex with your doll the same way you would with anyone else yo

u took to bed. Kiss her, hold her, caress her, and talk to her. Then, treat her to a massage or some incredible oral. Let yourself get wholly carried away by the experience. Then, when you’re done, clean your doll with care, dress her in her nightclothes, and brush her hair. You’ll love how good it feels to take care of your doll after she just took such incredible care of you.

Consider warming your doll before intimacy.

Although many doll owners aren’t bothered at all by the cool feeling of their doll’s skin when it’s time to be intimate, adopting a warming routine for your doll can add so much realism to the mix. One of the easiest ways to do this is to treat your doll to a nice bath in warm water before you spend time together. You’ll love how realistic she feels when it’s time to make love.

There are also special tools available for warming your doll internally and getting her perfectly ready for you. Just make sure you consider all your options thoroughly and use them as directed to ensure the best, most realistic possible experience.

Mix things up in the lube department.

Lube is an essential part of any intimate encounter with your doll for obvious reasons. Not only does it help make the sensation as pleasurable as possible for you, but it helps protect the integrity of your doll, so she lasts as long as possible. You don’t need to stick to the same basic, garden-variety lube you’ve always used unless you want to, though.

Add an extra element of excitement to your lovemaking by exploring a few new products. Make your experience more sensual by giving flavored or scented lubes a try. There are also incredible lubes out there that generate warming or cooling sensations you’ll love. You can even add a gentle numbing lube to your repertoire if you’d like to last longer and work on your endurance.

Let yourself completely off the leash.

Remember, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t do with a sex doll of your very own in your bed. She’ll never be disgusted by anything you’d like to do to her or with her. In the mood for some roleplaying or to explore some nice, rough anal action? Maybe you’ve always wanted to give someone a facial but could never get your human girlfriends to go along with it.

Your doll will be ready, willing, and eager to do all of that and more, so don’t be afraid to go wherever your dirty mind leads you. This is your chance to realize your most profound, illicit fantasies without risk of judgment or rejection. So make the most of it!

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