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When it comes to the practicalities of buying a sex doll from an online sex doll vendor and ensuring an intelligent purchase, so much emphasis is placed on choosing a doll you’ll be happy with. However, while that’s definitely important, figuring out what brand to go with and what type of doll you want is only part of avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Anytime you’re buying something online – especially anything that represents a sizeable investment – it’s crucial to also choose the vendor and website you purchase from with care. This includes the question of is it really a good idea to buy sex dolls online in the first place. Here’s a closer look at what to look for when evaluating your options.

Avoid free-for-all marketplaces

As convenient as websites like eBay or Amazon can make the process of buying just about anything, they’re not where you want to turn if you’re in the market for a realistic love doll. Anyone can sell via those marketplaces, and there’s little to stop someone from doing you dirty.

Many doll owners wind up believing they’ve found a fantastic deal on an authentic RealDoll or other top-of-the-line product, only to receive a cheap knock-off in the mail later on. So avoid open marketplaces, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Avoid online sex doll vendors you’ve never heard of, as well.

Pay attention to price point and brand name

You know what they say when it comes to bargains and deals. If you see one that seems too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Top online sex doll vendors will definitely care about offering their clientele great deals on their purchases. But they’ll still fall within ranges that would be considered reasonable.

Realisitc silicone sex dolls are relatively expensive items, especially when it comes to products from huge brands, so it should raise some red flags if a site is selling them for a song. Legitimate online sex doll vendors also display the brand names attached to their products, as there’s zero reason not to. Scammers, however, will leave that information out in the hope that buyers won’t notice or care.

Assess the quality of the website

Whether you’re talking about the sex doll business or any other, legitimate companies understand that their websites are their calling cards. They know smart shoppers do form first impressions about a new business by the quality of its website, and they run theirs accordingly.

So ask yourself whether the site is of the quality a legitimate business would insist on. Does it load quickly and seem easy to use? Is it easy to navigate, as well? Is the content informative and well-written, or is it poorly written and peppered with broken English that makes little coherent sense?

Assess how they approach customer service

Legitimate businesses, website owners, and online sex doll vendors are interested in more than making a quick buck. They care about their customers and strive to take care of them, as they know that’s what leads to valuable repeat business. That said, you can tell a lot about the legitimacy of a site by how it approaches customer care.

What happens when you attempt to contact their customer service department with questions about a potential purchase? Do you receive prompt, friendly, coherent responses? Was the rep who fielded your questions professional, polite, and knowledgeable? If not, you might want to do more research before moving forward with that vendor.

Assess the reputation of the vendor

One of the better ways to predict your experience with a particular website is to find out what other people are saying about it. Legitimate online sex doll vendors may well have testimonials posted from happy customers or mentions in articles published on other trustworthy sites. But they’ll also sound natural, as they would if they were written by real people.

Steer clear of sites that boast unlikely numbers of positive reviews, especially if those reviews seem overly short or vague. The vast majority of sex doll buyers don’t leave reviews at all. But if they do, you can bet it’s because they actually have something to say about the product they bought. They’ll talk about the pros and cons in a way that sounds realistic.

Trust your gut

The more you shop around for the right doll, the better your instincts will become when it comes to telling the legitimate online sex doll vendors from the spammy, sketchy ones. So take your time deciding on the right site and doll for you. Ask questions of vendors if you have them, or request assistance making a decision.

And always trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem quite right about a particular site, that’s probably your common sense telling you that it’s picked up on something sketchy, and it’s better safe than sorry.

Ultimately, a doll is too important a purchase, and you work too hard for your money to wind up scammed instead of with a wonderful new companion to enjoy. So stay vigilant and exercise common sense when making your decisions. You’ll be glad you did.

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