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If you’re brand new to realistic love doll ownership or have yet to purchase a doll of your own, the idea of falling in love with a sex doll might seem far-fetched. However, that doesn’t change the fact that there are thousands of people out there who say that’s precisely what’s happened to them.

It’s easier than you think for a realistic love doll to become a massive part of a person’s life. And as with anything else that grows in importance in this way, that person’s feelings are bound to evolve, especially over time. But what is it really like to fall in love with a doll, and is it something that could happen to you? Here’s a look at what you’re dying to know.

Sex evolves into something else

The sex life a person shares with their realistic silicone sex doll tends to go through several different stages. At first, the doll is so new that using it feels slightly awkward, even if it also feels fantastic physically. But eventually, the person gets used to the doll and begins to lean into the experience of having sex with it.

Over time, they perfect their sexual technique, explore their fantasies, and grow as sexual beings, thanks to their doll. And sometimes, that sex life continues to evolve into something even more meaningful – lovemaking. It’s about more than just scratching an itch at that point, as it’s also a matter of wanting to connect with the doll on the same level you’d want to connect with a human partner.

Being around your doll begins to feel euphoric

Have you ever casually dated someone for a while only to find your feelings for them transitioning into something else? One day, you go from simply enjoying their company to feeling positively euphoric in their presence. You catch yourself looking forward to spending more time with them, and they become one of the highlights of your entire life.

It’s easier for this to happen between a person and their sex doll than you might think. The experience of integrating a doll into your personal life – cuddling with her at night, having her nearby as you do your favorite things, and perhaps even having conversations with her – causes positive feelings to grow over time.

Eventually, the association is so strong that just being around the doll causes the person to feel warm, fuzzy, content, and safe. The effect is nearly indistinguishable from what it would feel like if a human person were the cause of it.

You can be your authentic self around your doll

Everyone has two different selves – their public self that they show to other people throughout their daily life and their private self. Sometimes, a person’s private self is unknown even to them for all sorts of reasons. But the right partner can help them unlock that part of their identity and become more comfortable with it.

It’s very common for a person’s sex doll to become that catalyst for them, and it’s not hard to see why. A doll never judges her human partner. She never has a problem with any of his turn-ons or fantasies and is always ready and willing to help him explore them.

And if he finds he’s one of the many people who love verbally opening up to their dolls, he’ll discover she doesn’t judge him in that regard, either. She’s always available to listen, which can be transformative to a person who’s never felt properly accepted by others. Who wouldn’t find themselves falling in love with the being responsible for something so healing and wonderful?

You know on some level you’re emotionally attached

Many people believe it’s impossible to fall in love with an inanimate object without any distinct thoughts and emotions of its own, but this really isn’t true. Love is more flexible and complex than some people realize, and it can be felt toward anyone and anything. The answer to “is it truly possible to love your sex doll?” is “absolutely”.

And if this is something you’re beginning to feel for your doll, then you likely already know it on some level. You know what it’s like to feel love, and you know how powerful love can be when it comes to coloring everything else around you in your life.

But is falling in love with a doll something that can happen to anyone? Potentially, yes. But whether or not it will happen to them depends entirely on how open they are to the experience. Love isn’t something that happens every day or to everyone, but it is definitely something that can blossom when a person least expects it.

Falling for a doll is hardly uncommon, and most doll owners were surprised by it when it eventually happened to them. You just might be, too.

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