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Naturally, there’s a lot to love about finding yourself in a new relationship with someone you click with. The whole process of falling for someone, getting to know them, and letting them get to know you in return can be positively magical. Or at least that’s the case most of the time. How do you know if it’s a good idea to tell a new partner about your sex doll?

Everyone has things about their past or present that they’re reluctant to tell a new partner because they’re worried doing so might ruin everything. But sometimes, not telling can do more harm than good, especially if the person finds out another way.

Naturally, if you have a realistic sex doll that you love using occasionally or that’s a part of your life on a larger scale, figuring out whether to tell a partner can be confusing. Here’s what you need to know to figure it out and make a wise decision.

Does your partner really need to know?

Obviously, that’s the biggest question to consider – whether your doll is really any of your partner’s business in the first place. The answer to whether you should tell a new partner about your sex doll honestly depends on the nature of your relationship.

If this is a friend with benefits or someone you’re only seeing casually, it really isn’t any of their business what you do with other people, by yourself, or with your sex doll along for the ride. But if the relationship is serious (or you believe it has the potential to become so soon), it’s important to be transparent with your partner.

These days, people are more accepting of things like sex dolls than you might think. In other words, the fact that you have a sex doll might not be a big deal to your partner in and of itself, but it might quickly become one if they find out some other way.

It’s OK to be breezy about it.

So many people think telling someone they’re dating about their sex doll needs to be super serious business, but that’s just not true. Keep in mind that you’re not sitting them down to confess a cancer diagnosis or a lifetime of serious criminal activity. It’s just one piece of information about your solo sex life, and it isn’t a big deal to talk to your partner about your sex doll.

Although it may feel otherwise, owning and using a sex doll isn’t a big deal, so approach it that way. Have a sense of humor when you tell a new partner about your sex doll. Be confident in the knowledge that you’re not doing anything wrong by having a doll. If you seem embarrassed, ashamed, or reluctant to share the information in the first place, your partner might wonder why.

Timing is everything.

Timing definitely matters when mentioning something like the fact that you own and use a realistic silicone sex doll. Granted, nothing’s wrong with having a doll, and the confession police aren’t going to stop you from saying whatever you want whenever you want. But this might be a little bit TMI for a first date.

However, if your relationship has been swiftly moving toward getting serious, it’s probably better to mention your doll sooner rather than later. The longer you wait to bring it up, the more it might look like you were deliberately keeping the information from your partner when they eventually do find out – really not something you want.

Try looking for opportune moments to casually insert the topic into the ongoing conversation. Conversations that already find both of you sharing fantasies, secrets, or sexual confessions are good examples, as are times your partner is in a good mood and seems open to just about anything. Don’t bring this up for discussion when they’ve had a bad day, aren’t feeling well, or otherwise aren’t in the mood to hear something potentially sensitive.

Be honest about your doll.

Granted, your partner doesn’t probably need (or want) to hear every detail about your relationship with your doll and how you like to use it when you’re in the mood. But you should probably consider the nature of your relationship with the doll before you decide to bring it up for discussion.

Is the doll pretty much just a fancy Fleshlight, as far as you’re concerned, and nothing more? Do you consider yourself to have a deeper relationship with your doll? How important is your doll to you moving forward? Are you cool with packing it away for the most part now that you’re in a relationship, or do you plan to continue as if nothing has changed? What if your partner is interested in using the doll together? Would you be open to that?

Knowing the answers to questions like those can help you figure out what you hope the ultimate outcome of your conversation will be. After all, planning ahead never hurt anyone, and this is an example of an instance where it might help. Try it and see.

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