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When you’ve yet to have sex with another person, it’s only natural to wonder (what), if anything, you should be doing to facilitate things. Of course, if you’re like most, you have an active solo sex life. But how much should you invest in self-pleasure when you still haven’t properly had sex with someone else yet?

If you’re still a virgin but like the idea of buying a sex doll, you’re not alone. Sex dolls have come a long way from yesteryear’s glorified blow-up toys. Modern dolls are stunningly realistic, and not just when it comes to looks. The experience of being with such a doll is deliciously natural and – according to many satisfied doll owners – very similar to lovemaking with a real woman.

But is such an experience actually good for someone who still hasn’t experienced a sexual relationship with another person? Let’s unpack that idea and get to the bottom of things, the better to help you make the right choice for you.

Why People Worry Sex Dolls Aren’t Good for Virgins

Most people probably wouldn’t worry that watching porn or enjoying other types of male sex toys (like pocket pussies, to name just one example) aren’t normal things for a virgin to be doing. But that’s mainly because those choices are not only common but much more readily talked about.

Although society’s more sex-positive and permissive than it used to be about topics like masturbation, many people still aren’t sure what to think about sex dolls. This is likely because they are such realistic alternatives to real women. Such folks believe buying and using a doll will remove any motivation to go out and find a real partner someday. They may also see it as “the easy way out” – a way to put off the work of talking to real women, perhaps even indefinitely.

In reality, there’s no basis whatsoever for such beliefs. To begin with, while sex dolls can provide a wonderfully realistic experience, they aren’t truly substitutes for real partners. Many men who enjoy sex dolls do so in addition to having a very typical dating and sex life that involves other people. Others turn to their dolls when they’re in between relationships.

A virgin who buys, uses, and enjoys a realistic sex doll is really no different from a virgin who self-pleasures any other way. He’s not losing his virginity to the doll, and using it isn’t going to ruin him for real women or interfere with his sexual growth.


How a Sex Doll Can Benefit a Virgin

Not only are sex dolls a perfectly healthy, acceptable addition to a virgin’s solo sex life, but they may actually come attached to some unique benefits. Here’s a look at the most noteworthy.

Dolls are less risky than casual sex.

Not all young men who decide they’re ready to become sexually active wait until they’re in a relationship with someone they know they can trust. Many prefer to “practice” first with the help of sex workers or by having casual sex with multiple women they meet at bars or on Tinder.

While there’s nothing morally wrong with doing this, it does come with a higher risk of contracting an STI or generating an unplanned pregnancy. On the other hand, dolls are safe, hygienic ways to satisfy your sexual urges. All you need to do to keep things sanitary is clean your doll after every use.

Dolls are terrific learning tools.

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, and this is no less the case for sex. The ability to be a fantastic lover is a learnable skill, and a sex doll provides a golden opportunity to develop it in an emotionally secure, judgment-free environment.

When you’re a virgin, it’s natural and normal to be nervous about having sex for the first time. Performance anxiety can easily lead to issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. A sex doll gives an inexperienced lover plenty of room to practice, get used to the sensations involved, and develop a solid technique before giving things a go with a real person.

Is a Doll the Right Choice for You?

There’s really no one correct answer to this question. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to keep things au naturel and wait to experience sex until you have an opportunity to do it with a real woman. But know that there’s nothing wrong with getting a doll, either. If you think you’d enjoy the experience and could benefit from owning one, then go for it!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose one over the other. You can buy and enjoy a doll in addition to having a rich, active traditional dating life. The right choice for you is the one that feels right.

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