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Although many realistic sex doll owners bought theirs as a satisfying substitute for a human partner, this isn’t the case for everyone. Many people view their dolls the way they would any other adult toy or sexual aid – an excellent addition to an intimate life that also includes one or more sexual connections with other people. And when you’re not committed to anyone owning a doll to enjoy on the side isn’t a problem.

But what happens when you meet someone special enough to be relationship material? Should you tell them about your sex doll? And if you do decide to bring them into the loop, what is the best way to go about it? Here’s a closer look at the answer to those questions and more.

Do you really need to tell your partner about your doll?

Although it might be tempting to simply keep your doll a secret, it’s really in your best interests to be upfront about it instead. Honesty and openness are essential in any good relationship. And secrets have a way of coming out eventually, usually in the worst possible context. Consider how your partner might react if they found out about your doll on their own.

Not only is telling them yourself the right thing to do, but it lets you initiate what could be a productive conversation about sex, masturbation, sexual fantasies, and many other things. Plus, people are much more easy going about toys and masturbation than they were once upon a time, so chances are your partner will be a lot more understanding than you’re picturing.

Timing is everything.

As is the case with every vital conversation, it’s essential to choose the right time to bring up the topic of your doll to your partner. For instance, you won’t want to do it right after they’ve had a long day at work or when they’re not feeling well. Sex dolls fit best into intimate conversations about topics like sexual fantasies, naughty confessions, and so forth.

Talk About Your Sex Doll

Pick a quiet, calm time when you’re feeling close to one another to bring it up. Start by asking your partner about their sexual fantasies or masturbation habits, listening carefully and without judgment. They’ll almost certainly ask you the same question when they’re done, giving you an in to bring up your doll. Keep the tone lighthearted and casual. Remember, there’s nothing shameful in owning a realistic sex doll.

Explain your relationship with your doll in stages.

Although dolls are incredibly trendy these days, there are still plenty of people out there who aren’t as familiar with them or have never actually seen one in person. However, talking about them is no different than talking about any other sex toy, including the ones your partner likely enjoys.

Assure your partner that your doll is not a replacement for them or something that should be taken as proof that they’re not enough for you. It’s simply part of your everyday, healthy solo sex life – a fun way to mix things up and blow off some sexual steam, just like any other toy. From there, you’ll want to give your partner the chance to ask you any questions they might have. Be patient, compassionate, caring, and honest in how you answer. If you’re calm, relaxed, and unashamed in the way you talk about your doll, they’ll understand.

Decide together what role your doll will play going forward.

Everyone has the right to a healthy, active solo sex life in addition to the sex life they might share with someone else. Toys may or may not be a part of that. But in some cases, a person might decide they’d like their partner’s private sex life to remain private.

If that’s the case for your partner, respect their boundaries. For example, don’t insist on keeping the doll in your bed or on full display in your home. You can safely store your doll in a box or a closet for your own private use when your partner isn’t around. Definitely be honest about the fact that you still use the doll, but don’t flaunt it in front of your partner if they’re not comfortable.

The other possibility is that your partner will be curious about the doll and willing to consider enjoying it together like a couple might a vibrator or other toy. In that case, know that luxury sex dolls make perfect drama-free additions to threesome scenarios, roleplay, and other fantasies. No drama, fear of diseases, or hurt feelings to worry about! Talk things out, take turns coming up with different possibilities, and enjoy.

These are incredible times when it comes to sex positivity. People are more open to different possibilities than ever, so you might be pleasantly surprised by your partner’s reaction to your doll. In fact, you might just wind up being glad you opened up. So why not try it and see?

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