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Owning a sex doll isn’t like keeping a Fleshlight or a pocket pussy on hand to use in a pinch. A doll is quite literally as big as a full-sized human being, not to mention heavy and cumbersome to move from place to place. In other words, keeping the fact that you have a doll entirely under wraps when you don’t live alone isn’t an easy task.

However, it’s also not impossible. You just need some forethought, some ingenuity, and a willingness to invest in the right solutions. Here are a few tips, pointers, and considerations to keep in mind.

Have a story ready for when it arrives.

Many first-time doll owners who don’t live alone worry about how the packaging will look when the doll arrives on their doorstep. Will it be obvious what’s inside? What should you tell your roommates, family members, or children if they ask what you ordered?

First, know that you don’t need to worry about how the package will look when it arrives. The outer packaging of your doll will be plain cardboard, and it won’t contain any markings that identify it as a sex doll. In fact, most dolls arrive partially disassembled, so it won’t even be immediately apparent that your package contains anything human-sized.

If your roommates or children happen to see the package and ask what’s inside, you can tell them it’s anything you like – a new desk chair for your office or something similar. Just play it cool, and they won’t think much more of it.

Hide a Sex Doll

Invest in the proper storage options.

Naturally, if you have roommates or family you live with, you’ll need a way to hide your sex doll discreetly out of sight when she’s not in use. However, you need to ensure it’s a solution designed to preserve your doll’s integrity. You’ve invested a lot in her, so it would be a shame if anything happened to her. Here are some options to consider.

Sex Doll Stand

If you have limited space to work with, a sex doll stand might be a good option. It consists of a sturdy steel stand with or without wheels that lets you hang your doll from a bar and roll her around. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it’s discreet. You can roll her into any available space or room, whether it be your closet or an extra storage room

However, if your housemates are extra nosy, you may also wish to invest in a lock for your closet door.

Storage Case

Other doll owners may want to invest in a storage case instead of (or perhaps in addition to) a suspension kit. Not only are storage cases terrific for keeping your doll out of sight, but they also take the guesswork and hassle out of moving or transporting it from one place to another. Most have wheels, handles, and the whole shebang, the better to take the strain out of moving your doll.

And best of all, you can get storage cases that come complete with locks, so that takes the confusion out of how you’ll keep kids, roommates, or curious cleaning ladies from looking inside. Again, as with the package the doll came in, it’s up to you what you tell people about what’s inside the case (if you tell them anything at all).

Locking Furniture

Some doll owners decide that the best storage solution is one that lets them hide their sex doll in plain sight, keeping intrusive questions to a bare minimum. Think locking storage furniture like ottomans, footrests, and benches. Not only do you get a great solution for storing your doll, but it can be something that adds to the look and feel of your room, as well.

Whether or not to hide your sex doll is up to you.

Of course, there’s really no need to hide your doll altogether unless you really want to. People these days are more open-minded than you think they are, so if you’re not bothered by the fact that you own a sex doll, they shouldn’t be, either. In some cases, it may even be better to simply come clean about your doll.

For example, you should really always be upfront with a spouse or live-in partner about something like a sex doll. Yes, you’re still entitled to your privacy, and how you choose to enjoy yourself when you’re on your own is your business. But it’s likely better for your relationship if your partner knows about the doll. (Who knows? She may even want to join you in playing with her sometime.)

In conclusion, ultimately, it’s very possible to keep the fact that you own a sex doll under wraps if you need to or want to, so don’t let worries on that front stop you from buying one. All it takes is a bit of creativity and dedication!

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