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Easier, Cheaper and Faster Shipping from the UK to the USA!

UK e-tailers and businesses now have an awesome opportunity to sell goods to consumers in the USA.

The USA government raised their de minimis value on imported goods from $200 to $800 in March 2016. This means that UK businesses and individuals are able to send goods valued below $800 to the USA free of US import duties and taxes. And if there’s no VAT on non-EU sales, shipments to the USA can be completely free of all duties and taxes!

Just like Australia, the USA has set a relatively high de minimis value on imports. Goods valued up to A$1,000 (~£550), in Australia, incur no import tax charges.

Unfortunately the EU and UK still charge VAT on all imported purchases valued over €22 and £15 respectively.

So that you can enjoy easier, cheaper and faster shipping, we use the best carriers to ship all of our USA orders. When you place an order with us, our shipments are sent to East Coast USA using Next Day Delivery, and West Coast USA 2-3 Day Service, via UPS, DHL or FedEx.

All our sex doll orders are shipped out of the UK. We do not ever dropship our dolls! 

When you order MrSexDolls products duty free from the UK, you can look forward to receiving your private packaging parcel in 1-3 days on our Sex Dolls in Stock for fast despatch!

Easier, Cheaper and Faster Shipping from the UK to the USA

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