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A premium realistic love doll is a far cry from the blow-up options you used to see at bachelor parties or showing up in comedy movies as punchlines. She’s more than just a fancy alternative to other ways to enjoy a little self-love, as well. A realistic love doll is so stunningly realistic that it can be easy to forget she’s not real at times. Owning a sex doll is a privilege.

But that level of realness can make doll ownership a mystery to people who are on the outside looking in, so there are still many misconceptions floating around out there. Here’s a look at some of the most persistent.

1.     Only straight men own sex dolls

When most people picture the typical realistic silicone sex doll owner, they think of your average straight, white guy, and maybe they shouldn’t. Love doll owners come from all walks of life. They can be any race, age, or sexual orientation. Many women own sex dolls, as well.

Just as sex toys aren’t just for women, sex dolls aren’t just for men. Anyone can benefit from the type of quality experience a doll brings to the table, including women and non-binary people.

2.     Only lonely people can benefit from sex dolls

While it’s true that owning a sex doll can be a great way to take the edge off of difficult feelings like loneliness or isolation, you don’t need to be struggling with those things to enjoy a doll or benefit from having one around. Many people who own dolls lead rich social lives, date regularly, and have relationships.

A sex doll should never be seen as a consolation prize for people who “can’t” get dates or find the right relationship for them. Like sex toys, they’re advanced sexual aids anyone can enjoy or integrate into their sex life if they want to.

3.     Sex dolls are prohibitively expensive

Anyone who’s ever seen the price tag on a realistic love doll knows that they’re considerably more expensive than your standard pocket pussy or cock ring is going to be. But they shouldn’t be thought of as luxury items that are out of reach for anyone but rich people with lots of disposable income to burn.

To begin with, there’s a wide range of doll types out there, and some options are much less expensive than others. And most top doll sellers offer payment plans and financing options for would-be doll owners to better help purchases fit into the average person’s budget. It’s really no different from buying a new cell phone or computer in that way.

4.     You have to ditch your doll once you get into a relationship

The idea that people stop masturbating once they start dating someone (or that they should) is false and outdated. Masturbation is a healthy, normal part of every person’s life, and how a person masturbates is really up to them. Most continue to approach self-pleasure the same way they did when they were single in many ways.

So, there’s absolutely no rule out there that says you have to get rid of your sex doll once you start dating someone. You should be honest about your owning a sex doll. But whether you stop using yours or not is entirely up to you.

5.     Owning a sex doll is bad for your mental health

People who still believe this tend to assume that the only reason someone would want to own and use a realistic love doll is a lack of ability to connect with others. They also think that owning and using a doll will destroy a person’s mental health and make existing mental health issues worse.

In actuality, the opposite is true: getting a love doll can help your social life. Owning a doll and interacting with it regularly can help people manage common problems like anxiety and depression. And it can help people with social anxiety build confidence and self-esteem – qualities that make it easier to form meaningful connections with other people, not the other way around.

6.     Sex dolls are hard to take care of

Realistic love dolls are items that represent an investment, so they should be cared for and maintained accordingly. But the process of taking care of them is no harder or more involved than the process of taking care of your computer or any of your other important personal items.

Dolls need to be cleaned religiously after each use. And their beautiful skin and hair need to be properly cared for, as well. But it’s nothing the average person can’t easily take care of with a little dedication.

Ultimately, the world is still learning about realistic sex dolls and coming to understand the people who love using them. But they’re much less mysterious and offbeat than they seem. They’re truly sexual aids that can benefit anyone with a use for one, and there’s nothing strange about that at all.

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