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If you’ve only recently discovered the world of sex dolls and seen firsthand just how realistic they really are, it might be easy to assume these dolls are new inventions. But love dolls have been around in one form or another ever since the 16th century or so – a far cry from the lifelike sex dolls of today.

Naturally, sex dolls have come a really long way since the days when they were literally just strategically arranged piles of old clothes, and much of that is due to modern technology. Here’s a closer look at some of the most unbelievable features modern-day doll owners especially love about their doll companions.

1.     Ultra-realistic materials feel just like natural skin

The inflatable vinyl and latex dolls people were into years ago may have been an improvement on the makeshift dolls people turned to back in the medieval era, but they didn’t bring much to the table as far as realism. Silicone really changed the game there, as well as offered pleasure seekers a material that was easy to maintain and care for.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) took things even further when it came to lifelike sex dolls. Why are a lot of sex dolls now TPE? Because TPE can be used to create skin, synthetic flesh, and pleasure openings with an elasticity that is very much like that of natural human skin. And TPE looks as good as it feels, too. Think buttery soft skin and curves that move realistically when manipulated.

2.     It’s possible to recreate your dream partner

While modern doll manufacturers offer pleasure lovers lots of different out-of-the-box doll options, some people simply prefer a synthetic partner that was designed especially for them. The level of customizability available from most lifelike sex doll shops today makes that possible.

Some people opt for a little customization, as they want a doll with a specific type of figure, face, or hair. Others like a few bells and whistles on their dolls – like vibration love openings. There are those out there looking to create their dream girl from the ground up, as well, or who’d like to recreate a likeness of a specific person. All of those things and more are possible with lifelike sex dolls.

3.     Some dolls are self-heating, just like real people

One technique long-time doll owners have been using for years to take their experiences up a notch or two is preheating, the better to help their dolls feel more like real people. However, they’d have to use accessories like heating blankets for this or bathe their dolls in warm water before playtime.

Quality is essential when choosing a sex doll, however, and these days there are lifelike sex dolls available that come complete with heating systems built right in, so getting them ready to play is a lot simpler and less involved. Plus, these built-in heating systems are designed to heat the doll to precisely the right temperature to accurately recreate the feeling of another human’s touch.

4.     You can carry on natural conversations with your doll

The sheer realism of modern-day lifelike sex dolls has found more and more doll owners bonding with theirs on a level that exceeds what a person would have with a mere sex toy. Some find the level of companionship the dolls offer to be so satisfying that they eventually come to consider themselves to be in genuine relationships.

In such situations, it’s not uncommon for doll owners to talk to their dolls. But in the past, they simply had to use their imaginations as far as any potential responses from their silicone partners. Nowadays, many dolls possess the ability to carry on real conversations on a variety of topics, as well as demonstrate pre-programmed moods.

And if the doll possesses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth compatibility, the owner can connect her to AI companion services like Replika to add yet another layer of realism to their experience.

5.     Some dolls can even move

Speaking of doll owners not having to fall back on their imaginations as much, some top-of-the-line lifelike dolls on the market today can actually move on their own. For example, many of these dolls can turn their heads, as well as move their lips and eyelids, which can help interactions feel flirty and fun in a wonderfully spontaneous way.

Some of the more advanced models also come equipped with sensors in key areas like the breasts, hands, and more. These sensors are capable of detecting outside touch and signaling the doll to respond accordingly. Features like these bring a tremendous personal touch to the table, making lovemaking with a realistic sex doll more satisfying than ever.

And if realistic love dolls are already capable of all this, just imagine where the technology will be in a few more years. It’s an exciting time to be alive, especially if you appreciate being able to elevate your solo sex life to the greatest heights possible. How will you use this technology to your advantage?

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