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There are two types of pleasure-loving guys out there when it comes to sex toys. The first kind still wrongly believes that sex toys are strictly for women. However, the second kind knows what’s up and is already hard at work developing better relationships with their bodies while experiencing better, more satisfying sex on multiple levels.

But even the most experienced male sex toy lover had to start somewhere, and there’s more to experience out there than you might think. Here’s a closer look at some of the best toy-centric experiences every man should consider trying at least once, the better to explore his sexuality to the fullest.

1.     Add a stroker to your solo routine

When you’re new to sex toys, it makes sense to explore the simplest, most approachable options first and then work your way up. That makes strokers and pleasure sleeves the best ways to dip your toe into the collective waters of what’s out there.

The simplest strokers are really nothing more than soft, textured sleeves that slide up and down over your erection as you masturbate, resulting in incredible sensations you’ll love. However, there are motorized options that enhance your experience even further by vibrating, sucking, or stroking you as you play.

2.     Try a cock ring on for size

If you’re looking for a solid way to kick the bedroom routine you share with your partner up a notch or two without changing too much up at once, you should definitely try a cock ring. Like basic strokers, simple cock rings are flexible silicone rings that fit around the base of your erection. This helps to keep you hard, achieve bigger erections, and last longer in bed.

Not only does this help a man really turn in his best performance in bed, but it can result in strong, more intense orgasms, as well. Ready to take things to the next level? Try a vibrating cock ring for next-level stimulation you and your partner will be over the moon for.

3.     Add a couple’s vibrator to the mix

If you and your partner like what vibrating cock rings bring to the table and want to take the next logical step in your ongoing pleasure adventure, you might want to pick out a hands-free couple’s vibrator to try together. Wearable couple’s vibes simultaneously fit inside your partner’s vagina and over her clitoris, remaining in place as you make love.

This ensures she gets enough stimulation to leave your encounter satisfied and that you get to experience the extra oomph the vibrations lend to your own experience. For an extra-good time, opt for a vibe that comes with a remote to take the guesswork out of finetuning the intensity of the vibrations as you enjoy each other.

4.     Start exploring your back door

If backdoor play is something you have to work your way up to, that’s OK. Social stigma and lifelong conditioning can make it hard for many men to open themselves up to the possibilities here, but every man owes it to himself to at least try an anal plug or a P-spot stimulator on for size at some point.

Not only is your entire anal area rich in nerve endings that feel incredible when stimulated, but exploring your back door is the best way to access your prostate (also known as the P-spot) to the tune of seriously intense orgasms you have to experience to believe.

5.     Check out the world of realistic love dolls

Realistic love dolls have come a long way since the old-school blow-up dolls of yesteryear. Today’s options are astonishingly lifelike in more ways than one. Yes, they’re life-sized and are beautiful enough to be true works of art in their own right. But you don’t know the meaning of the word “realistic” until you’ve taken one of these to bed.

Ergonomically correct openings, velvety smooth skin, and soft buttocks and breasts that really jiggle bring playing with a love doll about as close as it gets to having sex with a real, live woman. This makes them the Rolls Royce of sex toys – something every guy should at least consider once in his life.

Realistic love dolls offer modern men safe, accessible alternatives to casual sex, one-night stands, and even traditional relationships (if that’s what they prefer). And like other sex toys for men, realistic love dolls can make incredible additions to a sex life shared with a partner if you’re both on board. Options like refurbished dolls, payment plans, and financing make dolls affordable on a budget, as well.

Ultimately, a man’s sex life and sexual expression are his own, so he doesn’t need to try anything he’s genuinely uncomfortable with. But pushing your boundaries and sampling a little bit of everything out there can be a great way to level up your sex life.

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