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There’s a lot to be said for being in a long-term relationship with the same person, especially sexually. After a while, you really get to know one another. Each of you learns what the other likes well enough to keep them consistently satisfied in the bedroom. And you develop a level of trust that can make it easier to let go and be yourself in bed, too.

But if you’re not careful, the sex can become predictable and routine. Keeping things spicy and exciting with your partner takes effort and dedication, and a sex doll can help with that in some surprising ways. Here are some prime examples.

1.      Dolls are a drama-free way to experiment with threesomes

For the right couple, a threesome represents the best of both worlds. The familiarity that comes with making love to a trusted partner combined with the electric excitement of being with someone new. But unless both of you are wired so that you’re suited to open relationships of any kind, inviting a third person into your bed can mean inviting drama, jealousy, and eventual discord, as well.

Sex dolls can give you and your partner the opportunity to experiment with a third person without all the complications that can come with bringing a living, breathing person into your bed. And your doll can fit whatever type of mutual fantasy you have in mind. Whether you want your third to be a woman or a man, a feisty redhead, or a smoldering brunette, you’re completely covered.

2.      Dolls can help overcome libido gaps

If you and your partner sometimes deal with libido gaps, you’re in excellent company. Many couples at least occasionally go through periods where their sex drives just aren’t syncing up. Stress, age, illness, and all sorts of other factors can leave one person just plain not in the mood for a while. And some couples simply have mismatched sex drives as a rule.

Using Sex Dolls With Your Partner

Self-pleasure is the key to making up the difference for the partner with the higher sex drive, and toys can help make solo time a lot more exciting. A sex doll can elevate that experience even more. So it’s well worth the investment if either or both of you sometimes needs more sex than the other.

3.      Dolls can take the bite out of distance-related loneliness

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then you don’t need to be told that the struggle is real when it comes to keeping loneliness at bay. Of course, smartphones, web cams, and sex toys can all help you feel more connected. But, as with other situations that mean you don’t have direct physical access to your partner, a doll can be a great way to bridge the gap.

The realistic experience of being with a doll instead of just your hand or a standard sex toy can really enhance the experience of having phone sex or cybersex with your partner. It can help keep your relationship hot while you’re away from each other and perhaps even help heighten the excitement over seeing your partner in person again.

4.      Dolls can facilitate better communication

Every couple should consider open, honest, ongoing communication about sex to be a top priority. But conservative upbringings, insecurity, and garden-variety shyness can make it harder for some people than they’d like. Even if they love their partner and are comfortable with them in every other way.

Introducing new elements into your sex life as a couple (like toys or sex dolls) can be a great way for both you and your partner to become more comfortable talking openly about topics like turn-ons, turn-offs, fantasies, and so much more. And the experience of using a doll together can help you apply what you talk about together to your interactions in the bedroom.

5.      Dolls can bring you closer together

Talking about and trying new things in bed together helps build intimacy and trust between you and your partner in many ways, and this includes any sexual adventures that involve a sex doll. For example, talking about the type of doll you’d like to try and picking her or him out together opens the door to getting to know each other better as sexual beings.

This is a wonderful chance for the two of you to discuss details you quite possibly never have before. Like what physical traits you find attractive in other people. Whether you’re interested in same-sex encounters. What you fantasize about, and so forth. And if you’re open to it, this could be the beginning of an exciting new sexual chapter for both of you.

Ultimately, experimentation and adventure in the bedroom aren’t just good for new relationships and couples who are just getting to know one another. They’re important chances for long-time couples to deepen their relationship and continue to explore together, as well.

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