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These days, sex dolls are more than just a niche interest only a handful of people out there have. They’ve been increasing in popularity for a while now, but the pandemic introduced record numbers of new people to the benefits of owning one. As a result, many now see dolls as healthy potential additions to a person’s solo sex life – like upgraded versions of vibrators or Fleshlights, items for which knowing an expert sex tip or two will be a self-pleasure boon.

That said, it’s essential to realize that expert sex tips aren’t just for people with human partners. There are lots of great tips and techniques out there that can help pleasure seekers get more out of their solo sex lives, as well, especially if they’re also realistic love doll owners. Here are a few to keep in mind.

1.     Warm your doll up in advance

Realism is the key to taking sex with your realistic silicone sex doll to the next level, so anything you can do to make your experience feel more like the real thing is considered an expert sex tip. In fact, that’s exactly why many doll owners choose to warm their doll up a bit before getting down to business, the better to help her feel real and inviting on every level.

For best results, consider investing in a warming blanket or doll-safe insertable warmer for your doll. But in the meantime, you can create similar results by wrapping your doll in a blanket (for protection) and then placing her in your bed on top of an electric blanket. A nice, warm bath can be a great way to bring a doll up to temperature, as well.

2.     Find the right lube

Anyone who’s into toys or sexual aids of any kind – dolls included – knows that lube is not optional. Using it isn’t an expert sex tip but an absolute sex essential if your play session is going to go the way you want it to. But don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to go with the same old thing you’ve always used.

Lubes come in many different formulas and types, so take a look at what’s out there. As long as it’s doll-safe, it’s a go. There are flavored and scented options to consider. You may also want to consider a long-lasting lube formulated for anal sex, as it’s made to enhance sex that won’t involve any amount of natural lubrication.

3.     Explore your fantasies

One of the biggest advantages of owning a realistic love doll is the opportunity to take sex with your doll to the next level – by bringing even your most illicit fantasies to life in a safe, non-judgmental environment where anything goes. Don’t be afraid to explore this, as it can potentially blow even porn out of the water as a great way to explore your turn-ons.

All you need to be concerned about is ensuring your doll doesn’t wind up damaged. But you never have to worry about her laughing at you or looking at you with disgust after you’ve just confessed an especially taboo fantasy. She’ll never say no or tell you she’s not in the mood. Whatever you’re down for, you have a guarantee that she’ll be down for it, too – just the knowledge that you can explore everything your heart desires with a realistic doll can be considered an expert sex tip.

4.     Turn love play into an event

Many people who’ve owned and used dolls for a long time eventually start to see them as more than just dolls. Those dolls develop unique personalities, and their human companions begin to bond with them on a deeper level. Some people even come to feel they’ve fallen in love with their dolls, so it’s normal to feel the same way.

A deeper connection to your doll is a great reason to experiment with turning your play sessions into intimate, romantic events to enhance the experiment. For example, you can enjoy dinner and a movie together or soak in a warm bubble bath by candlelight. Romance your doll. Make an entire evening of it. Then spend the whole night cuddling after you’re done playing.

5.     Invest in your doll’s look

Another huge advantage a realistic love doll has over a human companion is that she’s always happy to switch up her look for you when you’re in the mood for something different. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this expert sex tip, as it’s a fun, effective way to keep sex interesting and exciting.

Measure your doll thoroughly and invest in a wardrobe for her that suits your tastes, making sure to include plenty of delectable intimate wear. Consider learning how to execute some beautiful makeup looks you like. You can even invest in additional wigs for those days you’re in the mood for a little roleplaying or a change of pace.

In other words, satisfying sex with a realistic love doll has much in common with conventional human-to-human sex in that creativity is everything. So don’t be afraid to let your more creative side show. You’ll love what it does for the quality of your love sessions.

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